{ Fruity Pebbles Buttermilk Donuts }

Today is a joyous day.

It's the last day of my Junior year in college (woah, feeling old)...but more importantly - it's also
National Donut Day!!

In celebration of donuts and summer vacation, I whipped up these simple buttermilk donuts for the incredibly sweet Jen Robin (which are made from store-bought biscuit dough!) Within minutes, they fry up into tender, doughy pillows of heaven. Coat them in a sweet glaze and dip them into crushed Fruity Pebbles (everyone's favorite cereal) - and you have these adorable treats.

Find the recipe and additional photos at jenrobin.com!

{ Fruity Pebbles Buttermilk Donuts } recipe: here.



  1. This looks great! I could not find the recipe when I searched her site, do you have a direct link to the recipe rather than the homepage? Thanks so much !

    1. Hi! Thanks so much!! I've updated the link to the recipe, so it should be working now. So sorry about that! Let me know if there's any more trouble - and be sure to let me know how your donuts turn out. :)

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