{ Big & Fluffy Raspberry Marshmallows }

I can't even begin to describe how much FUN I had making these marshmallows for Glitter, Inc. Honestly, I've  been wanting to attempt homemade marshmallows for forever. And with Valentine's Day sneaking up, I found my perfect excuse. I just love how this little blog of mine - and being a food contributor to Lexi's blog - allows me to play around so much in the kitchen! 

As for these Homemade Raspberry Marshmallows, they can only be described as the most heavenly, fluffy little raspberry clouds. They're much lighter and softer than store-bought, and they're actually surprisingly simple to make. Give 'em a try! Click here for the recipe post on Glitter, Inc.

In other news, 2016 brings about more free time in my schedule (phew!) - meaning I'll be able to post recipes a bit more frequently. YAY! That being said, stay tuned for TWO, all-new Valentine's themed videos - follow along on Instagram for updates!

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* Find my recipe for Big & Fluffy Raspberry Marshmallows on Glitter, Inc.
( RECIPE - click here. )