{ Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl }

One of my favorite things to eat lately are these smoothie bowls. 
They're a bit thicker than your average smoothie - you eat them out of a bowl and top them 
with just about anything. Like frozen yogurt, but healthy!

It's the perfect, filling snack for any time of the day.

I've listed my favorite combination of ingredients below, but of course you
can always swap out ingredients. Switch raspberries for blueberries, 
or orange juice for coconut water...

Adding kale to a smoothie might sound a bit odd if you've never tried it - 
but trust me, once blended in you can't even tell that it's there! 
(And you get that extra, healthy punch from the veggies.)


For the smoothie...

4 frozen strawberries
1 frozen banana
8-10 frozen raspberries 
a small handful of fresh kale (optional)
a spoonful of greek yogurt
a splash of orange juice
a drizzle of honey

Top with...

unsweetened coconut
slivered almonds
pumpkin seeds
sliced banana


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