{ Three Ways to Jazz Up Ice Cream Cones! }

Today I am SO excited to announce that, along with baking up a few yummy treats for Studio DIY, I've also begun shooting and editing their very first food videos!!! HOORAY! 

We're sharing our first of many: three awesome and unique ways to jazz up store-bought waffle cones - with a Baked Alaska cone, a Rainbow Drumstick, and a Circus Animal Cookie cone! All equally delicious and equally fun to look at. :)

Don't miss the video above for a quick little tutorial on how to make each cone!!!

For the full recipes + instructions, be sure to check out Kelly's post on Studio DIY! Stay tuned for plenty more fun, bright, and colorful food videos in the near future!!!

    Photography by the talented Jeff Mindell
    Cinematography by yours truly. :)


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