{ Introducing: “What should I whip up next..?” }

Since I started this blog, only a few short months ago, I've known that I wanted it to be interactive. Mainly, I wanted a way for you all to voice your opinions { other than just comments, of course } to let me know what recipes you'd love me to whip up, simplify, healthify, create a video tutorial for, etc...!

So without further ado...I'm SO excited to announce What should I whip up next..?

This is a weekly poll { located on the right sidebar of my blog, below the Subscribe by Email” box } that will help me prioritize my recipe posts based on what you all would love to see next! 

I'll always list 4 options from my own Blog Inspiration list, and of course, I'll leave a final option for your own creative input & ideas! I'd love for you guys to email memessage me on Facebook, leave a comment on my blog, or even send me some pins over on Pinterest!

So GO & place your votes now for some delicious new eats! :) 

{ Just scroll down & look to your right }

Rachel *

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