{ Nutella Breakfast Sandwiches }


Honestly, this chocolatey hazelnut spread is good on everything - but especially on these strawberry & banana stuffed sandwiches with cinnamon sugar toast. Woah.

And the best part?

You can eat these for breakfast

Ok I think I've got you hooked. Now read on & discover how simple these are to make. I guarantee you'll be in the kitchen making them before you reach the end of the post...

Here's all you need :

1. Bread 

2. Butter

3. Nutella 

 4. Cinnamon Sugar 

5. Strawberries & Bananas

{ Powdered sugar is optional, but recommended - for extra yum, of course. }

{ Fruit makes this sandwich healthy, right? }

Alright, so start out by spreading each side of the bread slices with softened butter.

Place them into a pan on medium heat.

Let them turn a pretty golden brown, and then give 'em a flip!

Next, sprinkle the first side of the bread thoroughly with your cinnamon sugar mixture while the second side browns up.

 Once it's sugar-coated, flip the slice over again - so that the cinnamon sugar is now face down on the hot pan. This will cause the sugar to melt & slightly caramelize, creating the most delicious, crisp crème brûlée-like crust on the outside of the bread. 

Mmm, this stuff is good enough to eat as is { and I definitely have before }. However, the Nutella & fruit brings this toast up 2,000 notches - so read on, friends!

Take your cinnamon sugar toast and assemble a little sandwich making station, like so. 

Oh! And make sure to thinly slice your fruit. Thick pieces tend to slide right out when you take a bite {which is quite sad}.

Slather a slice of toast with Nutella. Lots of it.

And squeeze on as many slices of fresh strawberry & banana as possible.

Then, slather the other slice with Nutella, too! 
Just can't get enough of that stuff.

Now just slice up the sandwiches, dust with powdered sugar, take a bite...

...and thank me for introducing you to this bliss.

You're welcome.


4 large slices of freshly baked bread
2 tbsp. sugar mixed with 1 tsp. cinnamon
3 tbsp. of butter
1/4 cup of Nutella
5 large strawberries
1 ripe banana
Powdered sugar

Makes 2 large sandwiches { or 4 servings }.


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